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Location: Cusco
Duración: Day Tours
Trip Type: Classics, Cultural
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    In the afternoon enjoy a half day tour of Cusco, visiting the Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas and the legendary Qoricancha, the most important religious center in the Inca time, a temple devoted to worshiping the Sun deity. Your tour includes also the visit to some nearby archaeological sites such as the impressive fortress of Sacsayhuaman; the religious site of Q’enqo; the ancient site of Puca Pucara and finally the water temple of Tambomachay.

    Sacsayhuman archaeological center

    Sacsayhuman comes from two Quechua words that mean sacsay = sasearse or satisfied
    huaman bird of the place of sacsayhuman. sacsayhuman was a place dedicated to the king inty club
    = sun was an astronomical place that was dedicated to his deity like lightning and thunder. then
    This place is confused as a fortress because of what the battle of
    manco inka2 with the invaders on the esplanade of chukipa pampa from the torreones los
    Incas defended themselves there was a very strong and rebellious warrior ear. I grab a fist of dirt
    and he told them they will not be able to touch me and he threw himself to the ground and disappeared, it was this place where the Spanish
    were victorious, it is for this reason that many up to the present time confuse it with a
    fortress. in this place the most important festival known as the festival of the
    inty Raymi the festival of the sun how impressive is the megalithic construction one of the stones
    larger ones can weigh more than 150 tons …


    Means sigsajiante because of the protrusion that it has under the rock is also
    you can see in the upper part two channels of water in the shape of sig sag in the solistici
    In winter it was in this sector where the sacred drink of the Incas misnamed was put
    chicha rather we should know him as in his times of glory Shara ajha was a
    sacred drink of the Incas made from yellow corn in the sub Terrania chamber there was a
    huasca where is the mummy of Pachacutec that was venerated in the most important festivals and
    around you can see some niches where some mummies were. Very important
    where the Inka mummies were worshiped, you could also observe the awakening of the puma with
    the first rays of the sun in the winter solistices according to the tour guide….

    Puca Pucara

    Better known as the fortress of Puca Pucara Puca comes from two words
    quchuas which means red because in this place you can see the reddish earth is because of that
    that the Spanish named it Puca Pucara as a fortress. Let’s not forget that
    conquerors saw the Inca constructions or places according to the European consensus
    named. This sector also served as a control in Inca times this place was
    related to one of the Inca roads the famous capac ñan that leads to the jungle and the
    jungle to the sacred city of the Incas the historical capital of Perú.

    Tambomachay or quinoa Puquio

    many of the people call it tambomachay the bath
    of the inka that. this sector is best known for water ritual in this sector you can find
    a guaca of epo and the one where they did ceremonies. Your idols in this sector can also be
    see the water throughout the year with the same amount either in the rainy season or never
    the water stopped coming out …


    • Transport
    • professional tour guide

    What To Bring

    • Comfortable walking shoes
    • Sunscreen
    • Sun hat / caps
    • Water

    Not Include:

    • Entrance fees to all sites visited

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